Parent Resources

ADHD Resources

CHADD – The National Resource on ADHD

ADHD Resource Center – The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

American Academy of Pediatrics Healthy Children ADHD Resource Page

CDC ADHD Resource Page

Circle of Moms – Moms of kids with ADHD – Moms of Kids with ADHD is an online forum where parents can interact with one another and share their experiences, difficulties, and successes. Topics include medication, socialization, education, and behavior.

National Center for Learning Disabilities

LD Online – The educators’ guide to learning disabilities and ADHD – Understood is an online resource for parents founded by 15 non profit organizations with one common desire to help parents help their children.

ADHD Momma – ADHD Momma is a great blog from a mom’s perspective on living with two boys that have ADHD. It includes a forum, resources, and video section along with the great blog articles.

ADDitude Blog – ADDitude ADHD Blogs are all written by ADD adults, parents of ADHD children, and ADHD experts. The variety of perspectives presented in each blog is refreshing allows you to connect with the resource that fits you and your family best.

Autism Resources

Autism Society of North Carolina

Autism Speaks

American Academy of Pediatrics Autism Resources

Autism NOW

CDC Autism Resource Page

National Autism Association

Autism Society

Autism Web – Managed by parents, AutismWeb includes great insights on different autism teaching methods. The site also  provides a forum where parents can go to share their stories, give updates on their children’s progress, and share recipes that may be useful for picky eaters.

Sesame Street Autism Resources – Developed with input from parents, people who serve the autism community, and people with autism, See Amazing in All Children offers families ways to manage common challenges, to simplify everyday activities, and to grow connections and support from family, friends, and community.

My Autism Team – A social network for parents of kids with autism.

Dads 4 Special Kids – Dads 4 Special Kids is an organization dedicated to helping men that have a child with special needs in their lives.

Autism Navigator – Autism Navigator is a unique collection of web-based tools and courses that integrate the most current research in autism with an interactive web platform and lots of video footage showing effective evidence-based practices. It’s intended for professionals as well as families.

Autism Women’s Network – The Autism Women’s Network is dedicated to building a supportive community for Autistic women of all ages, our families, friends and allies.  AWN provides a safe space to share our experiences in an understanding,  diverse and inclusive environment.

Sibling Support Project – The Sibling Support Project has resources, activities, games, and support groups for kids who have siblings with special needs.

National Autism Network